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Elm Tea Gate at Yale University Art Gallery

Paul Discoe - The Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate
The Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate designed by Paul Discoe

Paul Discoe, a friend and colleague, was an artist in residence at Yale University in 2014 and 2015. A master temple-builder trained in Japan, Paul worked with us to source the material he wanted. We supplied Paul with Red Elm salvaged from a park in Santa Clara, California for his project. Elm is a traditional material used in Japanese architecture.

The Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate, dedicated in the Doran’s honor, is “a mixture of formal and informal [Buddhist Architecture].”(1) The gate in Zen Buddhist architecture is a symbolic marker to remind those who enter to come into the present moment. Paul was quoted describing his creation as a “gateless gate, a gate to nowhere except for everywhere.”(2)

 Paul Discoe, The Happy and Bob Doran Artist in Residence

For more information or to visit the Happy and Bob Doran Tea Gate at the Yale University Art Gallery:

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address 1111 Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut

Photos: Jessica Smolinski

1 & 2: Yale University Art Gallery, Spring 2016