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Jackel Enterprises, Inc is a specialized lumber yard supplying lumber and custom millwork for clients who require optimal wood and service for all their residential and or commercial projects. Our lumber stock ranges from hardwoods to softwoods, cabinet and shop grade plywoods, salvaged and reclaimed material. Jackel Enterprises forte is full sawn vertical grain and old growth softwoods. We source FSC® certified lumber in Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and various reclaimed materials. We have a rotating stock of lumber and slabs from locally salvaged trees to choose from. If you are looking for a special domestic or imported exotic wood, we have reliable local and international connections for large or small jobs.

 Certified Lumber

Jackel Enterprises, Incorporated is a certified FSC® Chain-of-Custody company by the Rainforest Alliance. Our affiliation is part of Jackel Enterprises continual effort to promote and participate in sustainable forestry and stewardship. We supply the Greater Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with FSC® Certified hardwoods, softwoods and reclaimed material. FSC® is recognized by U.S. Green Building with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) initiatives. For more information on FSC®, visit or view our FSC certificate.


Salvaged & Reclaimed Lumber

Jackel Enterprises provides a number of salvaged and reclaimed or recycled materials. These materials come from a variety of sources such as housing and building demos, forest fire recovery, water tank salvage, river recovered logs and a host of other origins. Our local salvaged trees include Redwood, Monterey Cypress, Elm, Claro Walnut and others species. Our rotating stock of reclaimed material includes Oak, Teak, Barn Board, Douglas Fir and Redwood; please see our Salvaged & Reclaimed inventory for a complete list of in stock items. These types of material provide unique appearance opportunities for your design and allows for use or reuse of quality material destined for the landfill. Visit our Slabs page and our West Coast Woods website for more information about our salvaged and reclaimed material.

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Salvaged & Reclaimed

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