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Jackel Enterprises, salvages and mills a range of diverse material for our slab inventory. We have over 50,000 board feet of slab material stickered and drying. All our material comes from local community urban forests. We are actively engaged with local arborists and forestry services to yield an inspiring variety of logs which are carefully selected, milled, air and kiln dried on site.

The slab process takes time. After slabbing a tree, the green material is stickered for air drying in the boule or log section. It can take up to 1-3 years to air dry before a boule is ready for kiln drying and available for sale. Much of our stock depends on what is available and how quickly it dries; this makes inventory unpredictable. When we open a dry boule that we haven’t seen for a year, it is always inspiring to see the natural beauty revealed.


We supply Hangman® hardware, made to be invisible to float mount a Live Edge Slab Shelf or Mantel. Your rep will advise which brackets to choose for your specific weight & dimension. Please view our hardware page to see the brackets and how to install. We also carry Accuride® and Blum® drawer slides, hinges, and plates.

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Millwork Options


We can size any live edge slab to the dimension you request.


Joining and gluing the slabs together for one solid surface for tabletop, counter top and conference table.


Flattening the surfaces on both sides and sanding to 120 grit.


We can remove the bark so the live edge is exposed, and we will sand this edge.


We apply a wipe on poly finish to the face and back of the slab, 2 coats applied to the face.


We apply epoxy to fill cracks and voids with 4 color choices: Black, Tobacco, Blue #9, and Clear. This will be billed as time & material, as not all checks and voids are the same size and depth.


We can fabricate bowties for structural strength or aesthetics in almost any species.


We supply hardware to hang a live edge slab floating shelf or mantel

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