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Milled Products

We offer a variety of wood products including; box beams, solid beams & timbers,
wall & ceiling treatments, moldings, corbels, mantels, wood veneers, flooring,
decking, stairs, live edge slabs, and shingles.


Wood sidings are a beautiful and naturally durable material for your exterior wall coverings, for residential or commercial applications. Over the years Jackel has provided Hundreds of siding packages in a variety of materials. We inventory a large quantity Of fine vertical grain high grade Western Red Cedar in widths from 6”-12” and Can fabricate sidings to custom patterns. Also available is WRC STK (select tight knot) Redwood, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and hardwoods including Ipe, Machiche, Mahogany And Sapele and thermal woods. Whether it’s a small repair or whole house new construction Jackel can supply your requirements.


A 3 – sided faux timber primarily made from FSC® certified wood; real wood box beams use a fraction of the material to produce a solid beam look. Often used to hide wiring, plumbing, lighting, or to cover up existing structural beams to modify any room. Wood box beams enhance interiors by blending architectural and design elements to create a space that balances aesthetic appeal with practical solutions.


A classic architectural component, solid beams and timbers add emphasis to your home or commercial project. Jackel Enterprises offers quality grade timbers for solid beams, custom manufactured to your project specifications. We offer conventional timbers in Western Red Cedar and Doug Fir. Reclaimed and salvaged timber materials add opportunity for an aged patina look.


Jackel has been making live edge table tops for over 20 years. We’ve taken urban and reclaimed woods and made counter tops, bar tops, butcher block tops, desk tops, table tops and more. In addition, we are now fabricating tops from our large inventory of domestic and imported woods. Please review our gallery to see some of the projects we’ve completed and contact us to discuss your ideas.


We offer custom milling of hardwoods and softwoods run to pattern in a wide variety of species such as Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Oak, Walnut, Sapele, Aneigre, and many more. Jackel Enterprises sources local salvaged woods and reclaimed barn board for more unique applications. Call our wood experts to request a specific material or recommendations for your wall and ceiling paneling solutions.


Our library of moulding profiles and finish products allow design and build professionals to be creative with their vision. Mouldings are run to pattern from your choice of lumber; Oak, Walnut, Redwood and Western Red Cedar to name a few. We are a Bay area resource for quality milling of wood mouldings made to your project specifications thanks to our extensive set of milling machines such as this large horizontal milling machine and the many other equipment variants we use to provide custom specified wood moulds. Ask us about our Moulding Catalog!


Create architectural richness to your design! Corbels are a custom quality wood product we offer at Jackel Enterprises. We produce corbels in a variety of shapes and sizes from simple linear shapes of Craftsman era to detailed Victorian style. Corbels can be made from many species of wood including but not limited to Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Doug Fir and most reclaimed material.


We pride ourselves in finding unique wood and wood pieces for special projects. As a natural resource, some woods become harder find that accommodate a particular size; we mill and construct box style mantels from hard to find woods to look like a solid timber. Your choice of solid timber or box construction, Jackel Enterprises’ mantels will add a unique and a sumptuous quality to your home or interior design.


An assortment of hi-tech and marine grade veneers for any number of applications. We make veneer layups on custom paneling for cabinetry, furniture and walls. Cabinet maker, furniture maker or instrument maker our veneers look fantastic and can be the best material for particular applications. We have a collection of veneers available from Redwood to exotic; salvaged to FSC® certified.


Wood Flooring is part of a tradition known for its beauty, durability, structural strength, and long life. Choosing wooden flooring for your home will not only give it a classic and welcoming look but will stand the test of time. Custom made to your specifications including custom textures; We provide solid wood and engineered flooring products of high quality material. One of our specialties includes custom flooring made from our salvaged and reclaimed lumber. Our wood flooring products will meet all of your expectations for your home or commercial environment.


We offer many choices for exterior wood decking. Species available include in hardwoods Ipe, garapa, machiche, cumaru, teak, thermally treated Ash; and in Softwoods Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Port Orford Cedar. Differences are price, durability, longevity, appearance and ease of Installation. The terrain and design of your deck are critical and it’s important To keep in mind ground clearance and airflow. Contact our sales team for More information.


Wood flooring is part of a tradition known for its beauty, durability, structural strength, and long life. Custom made to your specifications including custom textures; we provide solid wood and engineered flooring products of high quality material. One of our specialties includes custom flooring made from our salvaged and reclaimed lumber. Our wood flooring products will meet all of your expectations for your home or commercial environment.


We have over 50,000 board feet of a variety of species that has been cut into slab material which is added to our online inventory. Most of our material comes from local community urban forests. We are actively engaged with local arborists and forestry services to yield the variety of logs which are carefully selected, milled, air and kiln dried on site. Our business takes pride in salvaging wood that would otherwise be thrown in our landfills.


Sawn wood tiles with a smooth back and front sides used for roofing and siding custom sizes available. Three standard shingle sizes include – the Five X at 16″ (406mm); the Perfection at 18″ (457mm); and the Royal shingle at 24″ (610mm). They are appropriate for lasting functional, architectural elements for new homes of any style; Victorian, Traditional, Rustic, Arts & Crafts to Contemporary.


Traditionally hand split on one or both sides depending on shake style. We offer hand split and sawn shakes for roof and siding applications. Hand split shakes have an irregular rustic texture that is used for rustic and Craftsman style structures. Shakes are A rated with cap sheeting and B rated without.


Redwood posts are hand split from salvaged Old Growth Redwood, typical sizes are 4 x 5 and 5 x 5. Grape stakes are made 2 x 2 x 6, special order lengths are available. No trees are harmed in the production of these shakes, shingles, posts and grapestakes. These products are made solely from salvage old growth Redwood.