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Reclaimed Wood,
Beams & Lumber

Reclaimed wood has been de-constructed from existing buildings or other structures;
which is recycled and reused for beams, paneling, flooring, furniture and more.

Reclaimed describes the reuse or repurposing of lumber material previously used in a structure. Jackel Enterprises provides a number of reclaimed materials; these materials come from a variety of sources such as housing and building demos, water tank salvage and a host of other origins. Much of our reclaimed material includes Oak, Teak, Barn Board, Douglas Fir and Redwood. Currently we are stocking old growth Redwood from a dismantled bridge in Yosemite National Park and some unique material of Douglas Fir pilings from the San Francisco Transbay demolition site.

These types of material provide unique appearance opportunities for your design and allows for use or reuse of quality material destined for the landfill. Our reclaimed material is FSC® Certified Recycled 100%. Reclaimed material is a spot market; we keep an updated inventory list below. Jackel Enterprises primarily serves the San Francisco Bay Area; centrally located in the Monterey Bay just south of Santa Cruz in Watsonville, California.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from
the Stockton Metro District Building

Jackel Enterprises has Salvaged over 9000 BF of old growth construction grade Douglas Fir from the Stockton Metro District Building. This material is brown toned in color with dense grain. Stock is full sawn rough. This is very nice material suitable for paneling, mantels, furniture, or millwork. Stock limited to supply on hand.
We also have a few thousand feet remaining of 2 x 10 and 2 x 13 Douglas Fir salvaged from the Del Monte Cannery in Alameda. Please call or email
FSC Recycled 100% Douglas Fir

2×6, 4×6, 6×6, 6×8, 6×10

*Limited to stock on hand while supplies last

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from
The Old Del Monte Warehouse

Jackel Enterprises is participating in the reclamation of premium old growth Douglas Fir, the structural elements found in the historic Del Monte Cannery located in Alameda, Ca.  This 240,000 square foot brick warehouse was built in 1927. 

After years of use from canned good storage to the supply chain for the Pacific Theatre in WWII, the Cannery is being restored to provide much needed housing to the East Bay. Our stock, primarily 2 x 10 and 2 x 13 rough, has good color, dense grain, and is in really excellent condition.

FSC Recycled 100% Douglas Fir

2×10, 2×13

*Limited to stock on hand while supplies last
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