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Shrine of St. Joseph’s Monterey Cypress

Shrine of St Joseph Guardian of the Redeemer
Shrine of St Joseph Guardian of the Redeemer

Shrine of St. Joseph, located on the West Side of Santa Cruz, has recently removed a number of Monterey Cypress trees from the property for safety reasons. Working with Fuse Architects and Meschi Construction the trees have been salvaged for use as the architectural interior of the new St. Joseph coffee shop. Jackel Enterprises is proving mill services for the project. We are milling the trees into slab material with our Lucas Mill; we will sicker and band each tree after it has been milled then dry the boules for about 6-7 months. At that time we will kiln dry the material which will be use for interior elements of the new coffee shop.

Monterey Cypress Log Sections
First Log Section in the Lucas Mill
After the First Cut
Monterey Cypress Slab
First Log Section Finished
Detail of One Slab
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