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New Stock On Hand

Jackel has received High-Grade Hardwood. Great Value!


4/4 White Oak FAS Appalachian 13-14′

8/4 White Oak FAS Appalachian 11-12′


4/4 Walnut Premium Missouri13-14′

8/4 Walnut FAS Missouri 11-12′


4/4 Cherry FAS from Pennsylvania 11-12′

8/4 Cherry FAS from Pennsylvania 11-12′

Reclaimed Structural Douglas Fir – Dense Grain

World War II produced a plethora of “can do” projects.  The Mira Loma Quartermaster Depot was built in 1942 with 1,500,00 square feet of improved storage area.  Jackel has obtained a truckload of the surfaced 3 x 9  FSC Recycled 100% Doug fir purlins, actual size 2 1/2  x 9.  All stock is 20’ long, heavy free of heart center and dense grain.  This beautiful reclaimed lumber represents California and American History.  Samples available upon request, or make an appoint to view and select.

Give me Some Skin!

In the course of many millwork projects, we have developed a fair amount of high quality skins mostly in vertical grain clears. Thickness ranges from .125 in +/- and thicker, good lengths. These veneers are perfect for paneling or engineered lumber. Supply limited to stock on hand.

Western Red Cedar

Douglas Fir

Thermal Hemlock

Oak Barn Board

Hand Split Old Growth Redwood Posts – Rare & Limited

Jackel has come across with a rare find; approximately 150 pieces of beautiful 4” x 5” x 8’ old growth hand split redwood posts. Traditionally milled to 6’ lengths, these 8’ posts are a rarity indeed! Hand split in the forests from salvaged timber, hauled out by hand and available in a limited supply.
Rails are also available. Please call for pricing.

Tan Oak a West Coast Wood – Available Now

Tan Oak is an evergreen hardwood that belongs to the beech family and is found from Santa Barbara North to Southern Oregon primarily near the coast. Tan Oak has characteristics similar to both Oak and Chestnut. It is hard and strong suitable for flooring and furniture. Jackel is able to participate in the promotion of this little used West Coast species, and offers this mill run stock at affordable pricing.

Counter and Tabletops – made to order

Jackel has been making counter & table tops for over 20 years. We’ve taken urban and reclaimed woods and made counter tops, bar tops, butcher block tops, desk tops, table tops and more. In addition, we are manufacturing tops from our large inventory of domestic and imported wood. Please have a look at  our Counter & Table Tops page to see some of the projects we’ve completed and contact us to discuss your ideas.

We supply metal table legs or can fabricate to your specifications.

Elm Live Edge Slabs



Elm Live Edge Slabs

Softwoods Market Update – 2022

Welcome to 2022. The supply chain for vertical grain Western Red Cedar continues to be constricted. Our stock of fullsawn WRC is now on allocation. Standard sawn is less restricted but there will be short supply in wider widths, 10” and 12” stock. Look for pricing to be higher due to weather, shipping issues, availability and increased tariffs. 

Douglas Fir supply is more readily available in most sizes, prices have increased along with the market.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar, which is also short supply, has not increased as much in price. Available in 8/4 x 6 and 8”, Alaskan Yellow Cedar has many of the characteristics and qualities as WRC. 

We’ve recently received new stock in Yellow Cedar and are ready to serve your needs.

Call for pricing and availability.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from the stockton metro district building

Jackel Enterprises has Salvaged over 9000 BF of old growth construction grade Douglas Fir from the Stockton Metro District Building. This material is brown toned in color with dense grain. Stock is full sawn rough. This is very nice material suitable for paneling, mantels, furniture, or millwork. Stock limited to supply on hand.
Available inventory includes:
2 x 6 | 4 x 6 | 6 x 6 | 6 x 8 | 6 x 10

Real Wood Box Beam Surplus Sale

Jackel, the leader in Box Beam manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay area, has been fabricating real wood box beams for almost 20 years. In that time we have serviced hundreds of projects and made thousands of Box beams. As a result over the years we have accumulated overruns, change orders and the like and we are offering these to our clients at half price.

We have catalogued each piece and all stock is photographed and on our web site. The surplus inventory is catalogued by texture.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding this Box Beam Surplus Inventory Sale

Old Growth Salvaged Redwood

We’ve just received a new shipment of Old Growth Salvaged Redwood. Along with many other lumber species, old growth redwood has been in very short supply.  Our stock is full sawn, vertical grain and in limited availability.

Sizes available are:

1 x 8

1 x 10

2 x 6

2 x 13 & wider

This is beautiful stock lengths from 6-20’.

Reclaimed Hardwoods

Reclaimed Antique Barn Board

Our recently received  load of mixed Oak barn board is part of America’s History.  Many barns built in the 1800s from the forest at hand were built with red and white oak.  With natural Patina aged over the years to grey tones, this oak paneling will enhance any rustic or character project.

Jackel stocks 1x and 2x random width, heavy to 6” wide.


Reclaimed Antique Timbers

We also brought in reclaimed antique timbers in mixed hardwood perfect for mantles or shelving.  The natural patina provides “one of a kind” appearance, each piece with it’s own character.  Sizes range from 6 x 8, 8 x 8, 9 x 10 lengths 6- 7 1/2′.

Supplies Limited to stock on hand.


Iconic, Native Monterey Cypress Tree

Jackel’s inventory of over 430 live edge slabs catalogued and displayed on our website includes 148 Monterey Cypress slabs with 10 new boules recently out of the kiln.

Monterey Cypress is native to a narrow strip ranging from Big Sur to Marin.  These iconic trees grace our coastal landscape.  We salvage Cypress logs from windfall, blowdown, fire breaks and safety removal and turn this resource into beautiful live edge slabs.

Western Red Cedar – STK

As many of you know, lumber availability has been difficult due to increased demand and lack of production. Jackel has been able to snag 3600 bf of 2 x 6 WRC STK, KD rough.  Lengths are 6-16’.  This coastal Canadian Product is excellent quality and available for your next Project.

Supplies Limited to stock on hand.


Round Round get a round!


We have a limited amount of rounds in Monterey Cypress, Valley Oak, and Trans Bay Doug Fir.  Sizes range from 2  1/2 “ to 16” thick and from 10” to 50” in diameter.  These Rounds are one of a kind and years in the making! 

Supplies Limited to stock on hand.


Monterey Cypress 16″ H x 50″ diameter

Doug Fir & Valley Oak 2 1/2-9″ H x 9-18″ diameter

Prefinsihed Cypress coffee table 19″ H x 35″ diameter

From The Bay Area Urban Forests Comes 2 Species

One Native & One Imported


California Sycamore, quartersawn, hit and miss surfaced to show off the most beautiful grain. Blue Gum Eucalyptus, quartersawn, hit and miss surfaced for appearance and stability milled from specially selected trees.  This Eucalyptus is beautiful, durable and stable.

4/4  Sycamore S2S 13/16 4”-“8”  wide heavy 8” x 12’ long

4/4  Sycamore S2S 15/16 4”-8” wide heavy 8” x 14-16’ long

4/4 Eucalyptus S2S 1” 6”-9” wide heavy 9”  x  12’

limited quantities in stock.



Sycamore grain


Eucalyptus Grain

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from San Francisco & Alameda, Ca

Del Monte Warehouse
Several hundred years ago the first European pioneers made their way to the magnificent old growth forests of the Pacific Coast. Douglas Fir (often known as Oregon Pine) was discovered and quickly became one of the most utilitarian woods available. Structural strength is superior, appearance from character grades to beautiful clears. The 2 x 10 and 2 x 13 reclaimed from the Del Monte Cannery in Alameda are structural members with relatively dense grain. One of kind appearance with a natural patina and history, the function is up to you.
Transbay Pilings
In the 1920’s and 30’s the city of San Francisco moved towards the Bay. The sandy soil of The Embarcadero was not suitable for significant structures. The soil was stabilized through the use of Douglas Fir pilings pounded into the ground by steam powered pile drivers to depths of 80’. Much of the material has blue-grey and green grey coloration on the outer layers due to absorption of the minerals found in the moist soil. Available in 4/4 and 8/4, supplies are limited.


From Our mill – prefinished slabs

Wood and woodworking provide a channel into an intimacy with nature and with ourselves. One of the great joys we get to experience as purveyors of wood and wood products is when the long wait is over and a new boule is out of the kiln and we get to view the slabs. Then we sand and finish a few chosen slabs and the beauty is revealed. 

Here are 2 slabs finished in our workshop.

One, an ancient Redwood slab, salvaged from a forest fire, finished and absolutely beautiful, with both grace and character. Measures 3″ thick x 100″ long x 28-30″ wide.

Not to be over shadowed by a local Monterey Bay Cypress slab. Your eye is drawn to the color and complexity, naturally created with a bit of human assistance. Nature and beauty to enhance the everyday realities, right here, right now. Measures 2.5″ thick x 150″ long x 32-35″ wide.

Walnut Country

Our stock of Eastern Walnut originates in the Midwest, East to Pennsylvania.

Lumber is steamed to create a uniformity of color tones.  Available as rough lumber or milled to your specifications for moulding, wall and ceiling treatments, flooring, countertops, desktops, or table tops. 

4/4 Premium         8/4 FAS        4/4 #2 com         4/4 #2 com 8” & wider          4/4 Rustic            8/4 #2 Com         12/4 FAS         20/4 FAS

Need walnut?  Give us a call!

Eastern Walnut Conferance table

Claro walnut

Eastern walnut

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from the Old Del Monte Warehouse

Jackel Enterprises is participating in the reclamation of premium old growth Douglas Fir, the structural elements found in the historic Del Monte Cannery located in Alameda, Ca. This 240,000 square foot brick warehouse was built in 1927.
After years of use from canned good storage to the supply chain for the Pacific Theatre in WWII, the Cannery is being restored to provide much needed housing to the East Bay. Our stock, primarily 2 x 6, 2 x 10 and 2 x 13 rough, has good color, dense grain, and is in really excellent condition.
supplies limited to stock on hand


Hemlock – 1×6 T&G

This Pacific Coast Hemlock is an ideal ceiling treatment comparable to Western Red Cedar but at a lower price point. This unit is clear, vertical grain with a  resawn face and v groove  in lengths of 3-8′, 9-11′, and 16-19″.

Reclaimed Barn Board

Reclaimed Oak barn board lumber and skins from the mountains of Tennessee. Lumber is around 1” thick, skins are 3/8” and thinner. This wood is full of character with knotholes, nail holes, dents and dings showing the wear and tear of it’s historic use. Great for accent walls. Limited to stock on hand.


it’s walnut season

Jackel has brought in a unit of premium export grade Eastern Walnut. Widths 6-15”, length 9-12’. This beautiful lumber from the Forests of Western Pennsylvania has a minimum of 90% heartwood 1 face and 70% on the reverse side. Rich, deep color will make your project stand out. Available now at Jackel Enterprises, limited to stock on hand.


Thermal Hemlock siding

Here is our first thermally treated Hemlock siding project. A shed clad with 1 x 6 smooth shiplap with 1/4″ reveal. The warm natural tones and clean lines create an elegant, moderately priced siding solution. The brown tone can be enhanced with an exterior oil treatment; if left untreated it will turn silvery grey over time.
4/4 x 6 VG thermally treated Hemlock is available now at Jackel Enterprises.
Thermal modification is a process that heats wood to over 400 degrees in an oxygen free environment. The high heat removes organic compounds from the cells producing a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects and decay. Thermal modification also increases the stability of the material.

truckload pricing

Jackel Enterprises is bringing a load of Atlantic White Cedar to the West Coast in about 3 weeks. We have room on the truck for more material. This is a great opportunity to procure 2 species of Eastern Lumber suitable for interior and exterior applications.
Atlantic White Cedar – Chamaecyparis thoides – known for its durability and excellent weathering characteristics, is a non-splintering wood that has a very pleasant and subtle aroma.  Also known as Eastern White Cedar this is currently available as 1” x 4” & 5” and 2” x 4” in select and STK grades; Available as lumber or run to pattern.

Atlantic White Cedar

AWC – select


American Cypress – Taxodium distichum – also referred to as Bald Cypress, is known for its durability, beautiful natural grain and its ability to accept stain and paint. The grain is straight with medium-course texture ideal for interior paneling, exterior siding as well as furniture building.
Available in 4/4 – 8/4 x 4 -12” in select or #2 common.
Let us know if you have any further questions. Truck is leaving East Coast around the end of August. Email: or call 831.768.3880

American Cypress

AC – Select

AC – #2 Common

Wide Load Coming Through

Experience the wide west!
Beautiful California Sycamore pre-finished table top, 1 1/8” x 48” x 9’ reversed match to emphasize the amazing figure and create a rectangular shape.
Wide 4/4 Premium White Oak, widths from 8 1/2″ to 13”. High Grade FAS, 9-10’ long from New York State; good color and yield, excellent value.

Eastern Walnut Slabs

A picture tells a thousand words, yet no picture can do justice to the natural beauty found in these slabs. Eastern Walnut has rich deep color, its stable, finishes well; an heirloom in the making. We consider ourselves fortunate to have acquired this remarkable collection Of Pennsylvania Walnut; timeless beauty to be shared. All these slabs are catalogued on our website and available for prompt delivery.
2.5″ thick / 97″ – 124″ lengths / 15″ – 32″ widths
6 Eastern Walnut boules
41 total slabs

Thermally Modified Hemlock

We are currently stocking Thermally Modified Western Hemlock in a vertical grain 4/4 x 6 in 2 grades, D & better and 85/15. 

The deep rich brown tone is a result of the thermal process providing a new product for exterior or interior cladding.

Thermal Modification is a process that heats wood to over 400 degrees F in an oxygen free environment. The high heat removes organic compounds from the cells producing a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects and decay. Thermal Modification also increases the stability of the material.

Western Larch

New to our inventory is 1 x 6 Western Larch mixed grain, available in 2 grades, D & Better and Shop. 

Western Larch is native to the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the hardest softwoods suitable for interior trim, cabinets, furniture and exterior projects. Similar in appearance to Doug Fir, larch’s color tone is more brown than red.

We also have available in Western Larch 8/4 x 4 85/15 VG KD Fine Grain. Supplies are limited.

Most clear grades of Larch are exported to Europe. We have been able to secure this S4S stock to provide you with a high quality material at an outstanding value. Retail price for D & better is $2.40 BF, Shop $1.50 BF, quantity pricing available.

Gaboon Ebony

This special purchase from the west coast of Africa is a limited supply, don’t let this opportunity pass to purchase this rare wood. Various sizes up to 1’x2’x24″

Reclaimed Redwood from
Yosemite National Park

Due to the “Rim Fire” in 2013, these Redwood and Doug Fir timbers were deconstructed from a bridge located on Hardin Road just off the 120 Highway in Yosemite National Park since the 1930’s.

*Limited to stock on hand while supplies last

FSC Recycled 100% Redwood
12×14, 6×16
FSC Recycled 100% Doug Fir