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Thermal Hemlock siding

Here is our first thermally treated Hemlock siding project. A shed clad with 1 x 6 smooth shiplap with 1/4" reveal. The warm natural tones and clean lines create an elegant, moderately priced siding solution. The brown tone can be enhanced with an exterior oil treatment; if left untreated it will turn silvery grey over time.
4/4 x 6 VG thermally treated Hemlock is available now at Jackel Enterprises.
Thermal modification is a process that heats wood to over 400 degrees in an oxygen free environment. The high heat removes organic compounds from the cells producing a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects and decay. Thermal modification also increases the stability of the material.

split rail 2x2 redwood 2nds

Jackel Enterprises has bundles of Old Growth Redwood 2x2 handsplit rails and posts fencing. Because these are seconds we can offer them at a lower price point. 

truckload pricing

Jackel Enterprises is bringing a load of Atlantic White Cedar to the West Coast in about 3 weeks. We have room on the truck for more material. This is a great opportunity to procure 2 species of Eastern Lumber suitable for interior and exterior applications.
Atlantic White Cedar - Chamaecyparis thoides - known for its durability and excellent weathering characteristics, is a non-splintering wood that has a very pleasant and subtle aroma.  Also known as Eastern White Cedar this is currently available as 1” x 4” & 5” and 2” x 4” in select and STK grades; Available as lumber or run to pattern.

Atlantic White Cedar

AWC - select


American Cypress - Taxodium distichum - also referred to as Bald Cypress, is known for its durability, beautiful natural grain and its ability to accept stain and paint. The grain is straight with medium-course texture ideal for interior paneling, exterior siding as well as furniture building.
Available in 4/4 – 8/4 x 4 -12” in select or #2 common.
Let us know if you have any further questions. Truck is leaving East Coast around the end of August. Email: or call 831.768.3880

American Cypress

AC - Select

AC - #2 Common

Mahogany slabs

Jackel Enterprises has made a rare acquisition of Genuine Mahogany Live Edge Slabs.
We have 8 boules with 69 individual slabs:
widths to 27”, lengths to 10’ +, thickness 1-2”.  
Genuine Mahogany, known for stability and natural luster, has been a mainstay of fine woodworking for hundreds of years. All slabs are catalogued with photographs and details

Wide Load Coming Through

Experience the wide west!
Beautiful California Sycamore pre-finished table top, 1 1/8” x 48” x 9’ reversed match to emphasize the amazing figure and create a rectangular shape.
Extraordinary unit of 4/4 African Mahogany (Khaya Ivorensis). Widths from 8 1/2" to 24”! Even color tone, flat boards, lengths to 14’, a superb unit for your next project.
Wide 4/4 Premium White Oak, widths from 8 1/2" to 13”. High Grade FAS, 9-10’ long from New York State; good color and yield, excellent value.

Eastern Walnut Slabs

A picture tells a thousand words, yet no picture can do justice to the natural beauty found in these slabs. Eastern Walnut has rich deep color, its stable, finishes well; an heirloom in the making. We consider ourselves fortunate to have acquired this remarkable collection Of Pennsylvania Walnut; timeless beauty to be shared. All these slabs are catalogued on our website and available for prompt delivery.
2.5" thick / 97" - 124" lengths / 15" - 32" widths
6 Eastern Walnut boules
41 total slabs

Thermally Modified Hemlock

We are currently stocking Thermally Modified Western Hemlock in a vertical grain 4/4 x 6 in 2 grades, D & better and 85/15. 

The deep rich brown tone is a result of the thermal process providing a new product for exterior or interior cladding.

Thermal Modification is a process that heats wood to over 400 degrees F in an oxygen free environment. The high heat removes organic compounds from the cells producing a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects and decay. Thermal Modification also increases the stability of the material.

Western Larch

New to our inventory is 1 x 6 Western Larch mixed grain, available in 2 grades, D & Better and Shop. 

Western Larch is native to the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the hardest softwoods suitable for interior trim, cabinets, furniture and exterior projects. Similar in appearance to Doug Fir, larch’s color tone is more brown than red.

We also have available in Western Larch 8/4 x 4 85/15 VG KD Fine Grain. Supplies are limited.

Most clear grades of Larch are exported to Europe. We have been able to secure this S4S stock to provide you with a high quality material at an outstanding value. Retail price for D & better is $2.40 BF, Shop $1.50 BF, quantity pricing available.

Gaboon Ebony

This special purchase from the west coast of Africa is a limited supply, don't let this opportunity pass to purchase this rare wood. Various sizes up to 1'x2'x24"

Reclaimed Redwood from
Yosemite National Park

Due to the “Rim Fire” in 2013, these Redwood and Doug Fir timbers were deconstructed from a bridge located on Hardin Road just off the 120 Highway in Yosemite National Park since the 1930’s.

*Limited to stock on hand while supplies last

FSC Recycled 100% Redwood
12x14, 6x16
FSC Recycled 100% Doug Fir


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