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Urban Lumber

We assess ourselves as environmentally thoughtful and ecological
in our efforts to salvage West Coast trees

We define Urban Lumber (Salvaged) as the process of rescuing urban, suburban and rural trees destined for the land fill that we mill into lumber and slab material. This sequesters carbon, saves landfill space and preserves a natural resource while providing a visually rich material for residential and commercial designs. Trees are removed for any number of reasons, disease, hazardous conditions, fire or project requirements. Jackel Enterprises has salvaged trees from the Pfeiffer Fire, 100 year old Elm from San Jose State University campus, and others from local cities and rural sites.

Black Acacia

4/4  RO 4-12" wide x 15-17' long

Claro Walnut

4/4  RO 5+ wide x 4-11' long


4/4  Hit&Miss 7-9" wide x 12' long

Eucalyptus - Red

4/4 Hit&Miss 5-10" wide x 8' long

Monterey Cypress

4/4  RO 6-11" wide x 10-16' long, 5/4  5-12" wide x 6-14' long


4/4  RO 6' wide x 6-9' long


4/4  Hit&Miss 5-8" wide x 12-17.5' long

urban timbers

Black Acacia - 5x8 and 5x9 Timbers

Claro Walnut - 4x thru 8x Timbers

Elm - 5x thru 8x Timbers

Eucalyptus - 5.5x4-6.25x6'+ Timber

Eucalyptus - 7.5x7.5x6'+ Timber

Japanese Tea Maple - 5x9 Timbers

Monterey Cypress - 4x6, 4x8 and 7x7 Timbers

Oak - 5x thru 8x Timbers

Pine - 9x22x16+' Timbers

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